La Chelé PRP Hair Restoration Program

La Chelé PRP Hair Restoration Program

La Chelé PRP Hair Restoration is an exclusive program that is unlike any other in the country. There are different levels of the program as it is individualized on a per patient basis. Some patients may only require a hair growth supplement along with use of our LaserCap and some may need to undergo our PRP injection procedure.

If you are interested in how the La Chelé PRP Procedure works read below:

First, our Medical Assistant would perform a HairCheck – scientifically accurate, non-invasive measurement of your Hair Mass Index. This procedure will determine your hair loss, growth and breakage on any area of the scalp. HairCheck can also measure the percentage of hair breakage, which is a very common cause of hair loss.  The tool used to perform this test is a handheld trichometer which bundles and compresses the sections of the hair. This measurement will accurately define which areas of the scalp are losing hair and also tracks your results from treatment.

Medical Assistant would take a small sample of your blood to be stored in a sterile test tube and then processed in an FDA-approved device. This device spins at a high speed to separate the platelets and plasma from other components such as red blood cells. These platelets would then be stimulated releasing powerful molecules which have unimaginable biological effects on hair follicles and skin.

We would then apply numbing agent to the scalp to ensure comfortability during your treatment. The key ingredient of Extracellular Matrix or Stem cell Growth Factors would be mixed into your PRP. This powerful cocktail of hairgredients will then be painlessly injected into the areas of weak fair follicles in the scalp. After the seamless injections, microneedling will be performed on the scalp in order to activate the platelets growth factors. Lastly, 15 minutes of low laser therapy will be infused over the scalp. There is no downtime or recovery time – just mild soreness and redness of the scalp may occur. These symptoms usually clear up in a day or less.

After your initial treatment, some patients may be encourged to come in every couple of months for a hair check so we can track your hair regrowth results. In some cases, patients may need a PRP Booster for an additional kickstart to hair regrowth.


Hair regrowth results are progressive and initially subtle with patients usually seeing noticeable results between 4-8 months . With the La Chele PRP Hair Restoration Program, patients would only need to be treated every 12-18 months. With use of the La Chelé LaserCap, patients will be able to maintain their results and prevent future hair loss.


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