Microblading Eyebrow Sculpting


We are OBSESSED! The Brow Treatment Everyone is Talking About
La Chelé  specializes in the hottest treatment available that will improve your brows dramatically. If you are over-plucked, suffer from thinning to sparse hairs, or don’t have the arch you desire–you are a candidate for Microblading. Whether you want to add dimension or fill out your brows we can help you achieve the most natural, youthful and envious brows customized to your liking. NO MORE slathering on brow makeup everyday only to achieve an unnatural overdone appearance – we’ve got you covered!

TELL ME MORE! How Does Microblading Work?
Unlike the simple and outdated method of permanent brow tattooing, Microblading is a non-invasive semi-permanent solution for gorgeous brows. This process is a kind of redefining of the eyebrows where a licensed technician will uses a handheld device to create incredibly surface cuts on your skin that look just like individual hairs. Pigment is then implanted into these micro-strokes giving you the appearance of lush manicured brows that look absolutely incredible. Prior to the procedure, the brow area will be numbed with a topical cream and outlined in pencil to ensure the shape is the most flattering to your face.

How is Microblading Custom to Me?
The first step is to come in for an initial consultation to meet with our licensed professional Microblading artist. Here you will be able to discuss your preferences and brow goals. Our specialist will help you determine the best brow form and color based on your existing brow shape, and facial structure. A custom pigment shade will be created for you from FDA-Certified ingredients made in the USA. We understand that sometimes you need a change…Unlike the traditional permanent tattoo brow, Microblading gives you the option to change your shape in the long-run if desired.

What About the Results?
Once your Microblading session is complete, the majority of our patients are impressed right away. Although results vary, typically Microblading lasts an average of 6 months or longer depending on your skin type and skincare routine. A touch-up appointment is necessary 4 weeks after your first Microblading session for added refinements. Also, you may decide that you want your brows to be thicker so additional strokes can be added.

Get Ready for Brow Envy!
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