DermaSweep MD®


Microdermabrasion with DermaSweep MD.

Strong enough to treat fine lines and wrinkles, laxity, and acne scarring, yet gentle enough to treat sensitive skin like Rosacea, blemishes, and the eye area. What other infusion system can do that?

DermaSweep is skin fitness. We all know how important healthy living, working out, and healthy eating is for our body and our brain, but what about our largest organ, our skin? DermaSweep is the workout your skin needs. It’s simple: DermaSweep is the workout, SkinFusions are your personalized nutrition plan, and your skin care provider is your personal trainer.  Just like going to the gym, a series is recommend for the biggest impact and best, most impressive results. This is a workout you won’t want to skip!

What is DermaSweep, MD?
Dermasweep, MD is a form of microdermabrasion that is performed without the use of crystals. Unique bristle attachments, ranging from coarse bristles designed to treat rougher areas to more gentle bristles that are exceptional for the delicate skin around the eyes, gently lift the skin surface. This allows layers of dead skin to be swept away, resulting in a deeper exfoliation and polish of your skin.   The increased blood flow encourages collagen formation, thus firming and toning your skin. DermaSweep, MD is an advanced medical-grade form of microdermabrasion – meaning it is available only to a licensed physician and must be used by a licensed aesthetician . It stands above other microdermabrasion machines in being safer to use on rosacea and sensitive skins individuals, while also infusing customized products to achieve better clinical outcomes.

What skin conditions can be treated?

DermaSweep, MD is fully customizable to treat patients with the most fragile skin to those with the most resilient. The system provides an unmatched capability to customize each treatment depending on skin type and desired results.
Typical conditions treated include:
Age lines (wrinkles, fine lines & crows feet)
Sun-damaged skin
Hyperpigmentation (regular brown patches and age spots)
Melasma (irregular brown patches)
Uneven skin texture
Surgical scars
Stretch marks

Medical Microdermabrasion treatments also combine standard exfoliation with the simultaneous delivery of skin specific topical solutions infused directly into the skin. Topical solutions are formulated to treat specific skin conditions:

Acne — treated with a salicylic acid solution; a medicated solution used for the treatment of acne and clogged pores.

Dehydrated skin — treated with hyaluronic acid containing aloe vera and chamomile. This solution is especially formulated for normal to dry, sensitive skin.

Hyperpigmentation — treated with a skin brightening solution, combining hydroquinone, azelaic acid and kojic acid that work together to lighten pigmentation.

What does DermaSweep Feel Like?
The beauty of this treatment is that it is relatively painless. Clients typically experience a mild tightening or tingling afterwards, but the skin will feel quite smooth.  The moisture of any topical treatment will leave your skin with a cool, refreshed feeling. There are minimal side effects, which is why it is often described as “the lunch hour” procedure.

When will I see results?
DermsaSweep, MD treatments are approximately 45 minutes in length. You will experience remarkable, visible results after only one treatment. Lasting and more significant results will occur after 4 to 6 treatments spaced 10 days to two weeks apart, supported by a daily post treatment routine. Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, fine lines, and stretch marks will continue to disappear gradually over a series of treatments.